• Game History and Preservation

    I’d like to propose a session for the discussion of game history and preservation. Here are some of the issues (in no particular order) I see confronting work in this area:

    • The vast majority of work in game studies is video game centered
    • Digital distribution models including DRM pose a serious threat to preservation
    • The preservation of game equipment/hardware is expensive, requires a lot of space, and requires in-depth knowledge
    • Obsolescence
    • Emulation
    • Copyright
    • Fan-based preservation and piracy
    • Haptics and Human Computer Interfaces

    Much of my interest here comes from my own writing and the Preserving Virtual Worlds project at Maryland. At the least, it would be nice to network with other scholars in the area with similar interests. I am also open to considering new DH projects which might involve game history and preservation.


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