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    Professor of English, Director of the Mellon Scholars Program, Hope College

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    Creating a Hybrid, Multi-Institutional Introduction to the “Digital Liberal Arts”

    Thursday, September 26th, 2013 | Pannapacker

    As part of a new, Mellon-funded initiative, some members of the Great Lakes Colleges Association are considering the development of a multi-institutional, hybrid course in the digital humanities (or the “digital liberal arts”).  The goals of such a project might include stimulating faculty engagement and development, “naturalizing” digital scholarship in general education as well more specialized, disciplinary work, and fostering collaboration–and the leveraging of resources–across our 13 member institutions and regional, university-based digital humanities centers.  We are looking for experiences with appropriate platforms and models for such collaborations on hybrid digital humanities courses, as well as seeking potential partners for regional collaboration on related projects in any disciplinary area.